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JY-92 Serial Pulse Output Programmable Types of Coin Plastic Front Plate Multi Coin Acceptor Selector

  • type:
    JY-923, 1-3 types
    JY-924, 1-4 types
    JY-925, 1-5 types
    JY-926, 1-6 types
    JY-928, 1-8 types
(2499 available)
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plastic front plate multi coin selector acceptor











Coin Diameter: 15mm-32mm          Atmospheric Pressure: 86Kpa—106Kpa        Signal Output:pulse     

Coin Thickness:1.2mm-3mm          Accuracy Rate of Identification:99.5%        Speed:≤0.6s

Working Voltage: DC +12V ±10%    Working Humidity:≤95%                      Working Current: 65mA ±5%


Connection and Switches


2. Switch for NO and NC

3. Switch for 30ms, 50ms, and 100ms

4. Display                5. coin entry

6.push for stocking inside   7. coin return

Note: The number on code indicate rank order for coins. H1 is for type 1, H2 is for type 2.

Free to use this product after Parameter Setting and Sampling. AP Mode is optional function.


Parameter Setting

1.   Hold on button “ADD" and "MINUS" simultaneously for seconds. Letter "A" shows up from the display.

2.   Hold on button "SET" for seconds. Letter "E" shows up. Use button "ADD" and "MINUS" to adjust number for TYPES of coins. Next, hold on the button "SET" for seconds.

3.   "H1" shows up. Use button "ADD" and "MINUS" to adjust number as 15-30 for sampling for type 1.
Next, hold on the button "SET" for seconds.

4.   "P1" shows up. Use button "ADD" and "MINUS" to adjust number for output's signals/pulses for type 1.
Next, hold on the button "SET" for seconds. The maximum pulse is 50.

5.   "F1" shows up. Use button "ADD" and "MINUS" to adjust accuracy. Next, hold on the button "SET" for seconds. The value is from 1 to 30, and 1 is the most accurate. Normally, 7-10 will be fine.

6.   The first kind of coin has been programmed so far.

7.   Please repeat No.3- No.5 until Letter "A" shows up again. Hold on button "SET" for seconds.

8.   Letter "E" shows up again. Please power off and on. Parameter is saved.

Tip: Free to hold on button “SET” for seconds for skipping if revising parameter on code is not needed.


1.   Hold on button "SET" for seconds, and "A1" shows up from display.

2.   Please insert coins of TYPE 1 into coin entry until "A1" shows up again.

3.   Please repeat No.1 and No.2 until all types of coins has been sampled.

4.   The system will restart automatically after finished.

Tip: Free to power off if these is no more types of coin for sampling.


AP Mode

Free to control output pluse ratios by using AP Mode.

Free to adjust 1-50 pluses to output 1 signal based on “P”. EX: 3 pluses output 1 signal.

1.   Please hold on button "SET" and "ADD" simultaneously for seconds, then hold on the button "SET" for seconds.

2.   “AP” shows up. Please use button "ADD" and "MINUS" to adjust number.

3.   The default value of AP mode is 1.





  • Model choose:
    - JY-923: accept 1-3 types of coins
    - JY-924: accept 1-4 types of coins
    - JY-925: accept 1-5 types of coins 
    - JY-926: accept 1-6 types of coins
    - JY-928: accept 1-8 types of coins
    Note: Count coin types based on size, material
  • Please note this auction is for MODEL CH-92X OR JY-92XA
  • For following coins, we can pre-program coins for you if order more than 10 pcs. 


  • Please check following TABLE for MODEL you will receive
  • Other currancy, please feel free to contact us or we pick up to you based on country.
  • this auction is for plastic front plate. on video, the front plate is zinc alloy front plate.
  • video is using Model JY-926A and EURO currancy as example for PARAMETER SETTING and SAMPLING
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